The Federation of Finnish Midwives

The main goal of the Federation of Finnish Midwives is to develop the midwifery profession, maternity care, and gynecological health care by increasing midwives’ professional skills and knowledge, by supporting professional cohesiveness and making professional identity stronger. The Federation of Finnish Midwives was founded 1919.

Working as a midwife in Finland

Midwife’s occupation is responsible and demanding. The work of a midwife is people-oriented, and the days and customers are constantly varying. Midwife is an expert on sexual and reproductive health of women of all ages. They work in hospitals, delivery rooms, outpatient clinics, maternity clinics and as entrepreneurs. 

Midwives ‘ work is often seen as work with women who are pregnant, in labour or who have recently given birth and people close to them. But it is so much more than just working with fertile women. Midwives counsel customers of various ages about matters related to sexual health and act as experts in female health and gynecology.  They execute cancer treatments, assist in operations, work with infertility patients and much more. 

Midwives’ work is independent, but they also are part of the multiprofessional teams and work in pairs with other professionals. They also perform ultrasound scans independently. 

As a midwife you must be able to cope with stress, operate under pressure, have good organising and interaction skills and an ability to make decisions independently.

How to become a midwife in Finland?

Finnish midwife is an expert in sexual and reproductive health care. You can study to become a midwife (bachelor’s degree) in eight universities of applied sciences in Finland. The studies consist of 270 credits (4.5 years). Midwifery students receive two-degree titles upon graduation: registered midwife and registered nurse.  

Midwives graduated in Finland or abroad need to apply for licensing: the right to practice their profession in Finland or right to use protected occupational title from Valvira. 

Under Finnish law, licensing is granted to 17 healthcare professions, including midwives. The practice of these professions is restricted to licensed professionals only. 

Valvira grants on the grounds of the application right to practice healthcare profession for both healthcare professionals educated in Finland and abroad. You can find more general information and application instructions about professional practice rights in health care from Valvira web page.  

Midwives are the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women and in keeping birth normal, to enhance the reproductive health of women, their newborns, and their families. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitated to contact the Federation of Finnish Midwives [email protected]